FAQs You asked. We answered.

How much does concrete cost?

Concrete countertops run between $95 and $150 per square foot. The exact price depends on the color chosen, style of edge, sink type, etc.

What is Hand-Formed Concrete?

Hand-Formed concrete incorporates GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) technology.  The production capabilities of Hand-Formed concrete allow for oversized and 3-dimensional designs to be achieved, such as slab lengths over 15 feet, integral backsplashes & end panels, and large drop-face edges.  We also replace 25% of the cement in our mix design with recycled material (see LEED Point Qualification).

What colors can I choose from?

We have more than 27 colors in our showroom, and we can make a custom color to fit your needs. Our colors do tend to change over time, so check the date on the back of the sample to determine if your sample was poured recently (within the last year!). The color variations are similar to dye-lot differences in the fabric industry. We use the same formula each time we pour the concrete, but the color can vary from batch to batch. We CANNOT guarantee that the color chosen will exactly match the sample.

Is there an added cost for having a custom color made?

Custom colors are $600 in addition to standard pricing.

How are the colors made?

Most of our colors are pigments that are mixed in with the concrete. A few of our colors have an acid finish, which is applied after the concrete has cured.

How long does it take to have a custom concrete piece made?

From the time we template, installation is usually within 4 to 6 weeks, depending upon work load and details in the pieces being cast.

Will you pour the concrete on location?

No. We do not pour on site. All products are pre-cast (fabricated in our factory).

Will there be any seams in my concrete?

Seams are usually necessary for pieces over 10 feet in length and/or 25 square feet. The seams are approximately 1/16″ to 1/8″ wide and are filled with a colored resin that matches the color of your countertops. Depending upon access at installation, we can fabricate oversized pieces up to 15 feet in length and/or 70 square feet.

How can we protect our concrete once its in place?

For detailed care instructions, see our maintenance page.

Does concrete stain?

Concrete is porous and will stain if it is not sealed properly. That is why we use our signature surface sealer, called our Resilient Sealer, that will completely protect against staining from oils and acids used in a kitchen or bathroom area.

Will there be any cracks in the concrete?

Whereas outdoor concrete battles yearlong weather conditions and constant movement, decorative concrete gets the most stress only from the installation process. Therefore, if a crack should occur, it would usually show within the first six months after installation. We use various types of reinforcements to help eliminate cracking. Hairline cracks may still occur, but not very often, and do not affect the structural integrity of your countertop. These sometimes occur around large openings in oversized slabs, such as in front of a sink. A crack may be repaired, but its appearance may not be completely disguised. If there are concerns about cracking, we can always add seams in the design, prior to fabrication, to completely eliminate any possibilities.

How much does concrete weigh?

We use a light-weight aggregate, so the concrete is half the weight of normal concrete, but has twice the strength. There is no need to reinforce floors or cabinets. We mount our countertops directly on cabinets, so there is no need for sub-tops. If there will be an overhang over 9″, such as for a bar/eating area, we do suggest corbels, legs, or a steel plate for additional support for the concrete. (We can include the price for a steel plate in our proposal, if requested). The concrete weighs 15 pounds per square foot at our standard thickness (1 5/8″).

Do you have a product warranty?

Yes. We will replace or repair any countertop that is defective due to the workmanship of the piece for two years after it is installed. If the homeowner has done damage to the countertop, we will try our best to repair it, but will charge a fee for our service.

What can be made out of concrete?

We have made many types of objects with concrete. The most popular are kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, sinks and fireplace surrounds. We can also make tables, backsplashes, tub surrounds, BBQ surrounds, columns, tiles, wall panels, bath tubs or other objects. Just fax or email us a drawing of what you would like!