Our Process

Every piece is individually made. If you want, we’ll even let you put your hand print in it.


Our process starts with a drawing or a sketch of what you would like us to create. You will decide how you want your concrete to look.  All of our colors start with the same mix design, we call it “Hand-Formed” concrete.  After the concrete is out of the mold, different finishing techniques can be applied to either give the concrete a very uniform consistent look or a natural organic modeling. (read more about Hand-Formed Concrete). Once pricing is agreed upon, most jobs then require a site visit, which allows us to make a template of your countertops, fireplace, sink, etc. At this point, we’re ready to start building the forms.


We do all of the fabrication work in our shop in Denver. The main ingredients of every custom-made piece by Concrete Revolution are sand, cement, and water. We build forms, or molds, to give shape to the liquid concrete as it cures. And we can even add design elements like colored glass. When the concrete is set, we can grind it to expose the stone and glass, or we can apply an acid wash to add even more color. Then a protective sealer is applied.


Concrete countertops are installed much like granite or marble. The finished slabs are brought to your home or office ready to be placed. Concrete can be adhered directly to the top of the cabinets; no plywood sub-tops are required.


The entire process from start to finish takes approximately four to six weeks.