LEED Point Qualification

Concrete is naturally an environmentally friendly product, but there are further ways that we can lessen our environmental impact and create a more sustainable concrete mix.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Replace a portion of our cement (the most energy consuming ingredient in concrete) with post-industrial materials
  2. Replace a portion of our aggregate (a mined natural material) with post-consumer recycled materials

By purchasing our materials locally and incorporating post-industrial and recycled content into our concrete mix, Concrete Revolution can help contribute up to 1 point for LEED certified projects!

Hand-Formed Concrete w/ GFRC Technology

We automatically replace 25% of the cement in our mix design of Hand-Formed Concrete projects with post-industrial VCAS. This results in a significant amount of energy being saved and a reduction in CO2 emissions, making this substitution eligible for LEED points!  We can also replace some of the aggregate with recycled glass to increase the LEED point qualification!

LEED Points (up to 1 point for certified projects)

25% Recycled Content in Countertops 0.5 points
Locally purchased and Manufactured Materials 0.5 points

Remember, you do not have to be involved with a LEED certified project to have us incorporate these substitutes into your custom mix – we can do this for any project – just let us know what you have in mind!