Features Since when did countertops grab so much attention?

Since when did countertops grab so much attention? Since they broke out of their traditional, cut and dried, right angle box. And became individual pieces of art. Functional. Yet with a beauty that stops people in mid-sentence.

And don’t forget durability. Just how durable is concrete? They built the Coliseum with it, and it’s still there! Concrete can last a thousand years.

Unlike the other options you’ve seen, concrete lets you create exactly the look you want. In almost any shape you can imagine. And in more than¬† 27 different colors. It’s all yours down to the finest detail.

Choose from the following edge profiles:

Concrete Revolution Features

Or let us create a custom edge profile just for your project.

But remember, don’t fall too deeply in love with anyone else’s piece. You can have the exact same design and color as they have, but yours will be yours alone. Because as the mixture of sand, stone, water and cement cures, it captures a moment in time that’s unique. The pattern of stone will always be different. The color will always vary slightly. And that’s what makes it uniquely yours.