Concrete Revolution Studio

After many successful years manufacturing custom concrete surfaces for both residential and commercial customers, we added a new line of smaller and pre-designed objects created from concrete.

In early 2010, Concrete Revolution Studio was launched. Utilizing our Hand-Formed concrete technology, we were able to produce smaller-scale, extremely lightweight items at an affordable price point.

The Studio line offers striking accents and accessories for home, work and life.

Wine Rocks are a sleek and unexpected way to store and display your wine collection, and they keep your wine at the ideal temperature.

Tempo Block Clocks offer a modern, linear design to keep track of your time. They add impact to even the smallest of spaces.

Block Boxes can be stacked and combined in endless configurations to keep your desk organized, or store your jewelry and other treasures at home.

Jewelry designed by Marta incorporates the industrial look of concrete with the sparkling femininity of Swarovski crystals in the form of striking necklaces.

Concrete Revolution Studio offers gorgeous products that can bring concrete into any space, stylishly and affordably!